History :

Year of Establishment :- 2006

Pioneering Sisters :-Sr. Irene Korea ( Superior )
Sr. Judith Thattaparampil
Sr. Shobha latha Boreddy

Need of the Time :- To get involved in the Mission of Jesus- teaching, preaching and caring for the people through Education.

Facilitators of the Mission :- Most Rev. Victor Henry Thakur Bishop of Bethia
Sr. Innamma Yeruva and Council

Starting point :- J.M.J. Convent in Chapra was established in collaboration with the Diocese of Bethia in Bihar. The need of the education was felt by the Diocese to promote better life regarding human respect, dignity and livelihood in the future. it is very traditional Hindu area where women are to be liberated from social and cultural clutches. Poverty is another reality where people struggle tom live life. At this juncture our presence is a boon for them and great help. Let the people know that we are Christians by our Love and Service is the motto of our sisters in the Community.

Current Status :- KG- Class VI with Strength about 450 with Central syllabus

Occupying area :- -

Challenges :- -

Chronology of the Animators :

  • Sr. Irene Correa ( 2006 -09)
  • Sr. Joysy Choondal ( 2009-10)
  • Sr. Prem Hansda ( 2010- 12 )
  • Sr. Hilary Chetalan ( 2012)