History :

Year of Establishment :- 1994

Pioneering Sisters :-Sr. Jerome Ukkan ( Superior )
Sr. Rosalini Thachil ( Administrator )
Sr. Anstasia Xess ( Nurse )
Sr. Veronica Thattil ( Nurse )

Need of the Time :- To bear witness to the Christian values in a non-christian area in collaboration with a non-christian organization-Bhagaria Janakalyana Family Trust.

Facilitators of the Mission :- Mr. Bijay Bhagaria
Sr. Martin Maliekal and Council

Starting point :- It was the great desire of Late Mr. Govardan Das Bhagaria to run a Hospital for the poor of area. So the hospital was started in the year 1987. After his demise his sons wanted to keep the vision of their father alive. Hence they came in contact with us and requested Sr. Anna Maria Gali to take up the management of the Hospital. After much reflection and with great consideration for the poor we have taken up the management of the Hospital in 1994. Jesus' healing is extended to many by regular camps to the nearby villages. Residential quarters are built for the doctors and nurses. Infrastructure is developed such as ICCU, AC rooms and opened the needed departments.
Meanwhile in the year 2012, the Diocese of Bhagalpur requested us to collaborate with them for the Education apostolate. The Provincial Council accepted the invitation and sent Sr. Gulab Minj and Sr. Prajitha Pudota for the mission.

Present Status :- Hospital and collaborating with Bhagalpur Diocese in the School.

Occupying area :- -

Challenges :- To empower the people with regard to primary health care and sanitation.

Chronology of the Animators :

  • Sr. Rosalini Thachil ( -)
  • Sr. Divya Joseph ( -)
  • Sr. Rosalini Thachil ( )