History :

Year of Establishment :- 1971

Pioneering Sisters :-Sr. Monica Mulamottil ( Superior )
Sr. John Olakingal
Sr. Juliana Edapilli

Need of the Time :- To cater to the needs of the sick, especially the poor.

Facilitators of the Mission :- Rev. Mgr. John Weidner SAC, the Prefect Apostolic of Raipur
Rev. Sr. Josepha Rachemalla and Council
Dr. Sr. Josephine Chackery

Starting point :- Being an industrial area-viz- Bhilai steel plant people from all over the country got settled down in Bhilai. In 1971 there was only one hospital in Bhilai which was for BSP employees alone, and the few private clinics that sprang up would not attend the needs of the poor. Studying the situation and in response to the needs of the Time JMJ sisters willingly accepted the invitation of Mgr. John Weidner and started a Health centre. Slowly the sisters were forced to increase the bed strength. The service of the sisters to the sick and the poor with compassion and Love as their Master Jesus Christ was highly appreciated in the locality.

Current Status :- 50 bedded hospital & Professionally experienced staff.JMJ SSS

Occupying area :- 3.5 acre

Other Services rendered by the Community :Outreach programs in the Leprosy colony
CANA Programme ( Nutririon support for HIV + ve children )
Community health program from CHAI
CONRAD Project 
Education and health care of Sector -11 children
Women empowerment
Faith formation of the Parishners

Chronology of the Animators :

  • Sr. Gesinia Chanjaplakkal ( 1982-87)
  • Sr. Mathew Muringatheri ( 1987-1990)
  • Sr. Mathew Muringatheri ( 1987-1990)
  • Sr. Philip Neri Chellakudam ( 1990-99)
  • Sr. Elizabeth Vadakkal ( 1999-2003)
  • Sr. Francis of Assissi Perumkanayil ( 2003-08)
  • Sr. Elsy Chakkalakkal ( 2008-09)
  • Sr. Anastasia Xess ( 2009-12)
  • Sr. Sleeva Rani Chinnabathini ( 2012)