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Provincial Chapter 2023

JMJ Congregation – A Divine Providence

Founder Fr. Mathias Wolff, SJ is a God’s gift who was providentially inspired to found the Congregation of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Think, about his context, especially the reality of girl children and women which melted his heart. As a result, the congregation was founded fundamentally “to educate the poor and the marginalized girls and to strengthen the faith of the Catholic families.” This is the mission, he experienced deeply in his heart. It was the mission in the church to serve the poor and the marginalized girls. What type of women was he looking for who would carry out the mission of God?

JMJ constitutions says, “Our founder urged his first sisters that they were like the apostles sent out to administer mercy. This message permeates the whole of our spirituality and missionary thrust.”

The apostles were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit which made them bold, courageous and wise. They were obedient to the word of God who humbly submitted themselves at the service of the Gospel.

What is expected of us is that we are humble and love God. It is humility to do anything for God and not out of fear or compulsion but with love. Love that emanates from the purity of heart. Heart that loves God and loves neighbours. These two characteristics are charism for us as the JMJ sisters. 

 Synodal Solidarity Towards Universal Fraternity.

In the province chapter, we can see a synodal event coming into being. The synodal events of discussion, discernment and evaluation of the apostolates at some levels were executed in the communities. The province in a decisive moment of its development is living out its vocation in view of its mission, enlightened by the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit has been the guiding force in the life and mission of the congregation. We can ask ourselves, what is the way forward to actualise the theme to some extent in the real and concrete missionary life of the Congregation?


The Provincial Chapter began with a meaningful prayer service on 28.8.2023 at 6.15 pm. The chapter delegates were led in procession with lighted lamps to the chapel while the provincial council carried the Ark of the Covenant signifying the Ark of the Israelites in their journey to the promised land.

During the prayer service the entire Congregation, other provinces, region of Ghana and all the communities of our province were offered symbolically with the Aaron’s rods placing in the Ark of the Covenant.

 At the end of the prayer, the delegates were asked to pick up the lamps and exchange with each other wishing all the best and imploring Gods blessings on all the chapter delegates.


On 29.8.2023 at 07:00am the Inaugural Holy Eucharist was solemnized by Most Rev. Victor Henry Thakur, Archbishop of Raipur Archdiocese, con- celebrated by the Chapter Guide Fr. Santosh Minj SJ,

Fr. Joseph Vaipamadam the Parish Priest of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Tatibandh and Fr. Vinod Anant the director of Seva Sadan.


The inaugural session of the Provincial Chapter commenced at 9:40 am in the conference hall with a meaningful opening prayer invoking the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Later, Sr. Marykutty Antony Pottananiyil, the president of the Chapter, Rev. Fr. Santosh Minj SJ, the Chapter guide, Sr. Valsa Koreth and Sr. Mary Karickakunnel, the observers of the Chapter were introduced, felicitated and welcomed to the Provincial chapter 2023. Thereafter the President of the Chapter delivered a powerful and stimulating presidential address which was rightly set the group in the spirit of the chapter. Thereafter, Sister officially declared open the chapter for the year 2023 by rolling down the scroll. Indeed, it was a moment of joy for all of us as a province. After that the delegates introduced themselves and each one was offered a flower   with their own photo and was honoured with a Gamchha and a green plant. The plants were placed in the middle of the conference hall in front of the Holy Family. Fr. Santosh Minj SJ, the Chapter Guide, delivered the keynote address based on the Chapter theme “Synodal solidarity towards universal fraternity”. In his message he has deeply touched upon the context of religious life today. He said, that the focal point of the theme is dialogue, collaboration, decision making to ensure human dignity, respect, well-being and protecting human rights to build up a peaceful and harmonious co-existence.

"A simple gesture of love and a sign of patience are of more value than all the riches of the world. A simple person who loves God above all and leads a deeply spiritual life lives on a far higher level than one who, though he is a great scholar, is not really spiritually alive."